Posted Information

  • Matters posted on Entrust's website (this "Website") are for the purpose of providing financial information, administrative information, etc., of Entrust and do not in any way guarantee the content.
  • All information disclosed by Entrust might not be not posted on this Website and might differ in its way of expression from information disclosed by another means. Further, please be aware in advance that content might change or be deleted without prior notice.
  • Entrust takes great care when posting information in this Website. However, Entrust does not at all guarantee whether the content of the information is correct, whether it is useful, whether it is definite, or the like. Further, Entrust is also not liable for damage occurring due to a person using the information or not being able to use the information.
  • Matters posted on this Website are posted in order for Entrust's financial information and administrative information to be understood and are not prepared for the purpose of soliciting investment. When a customer actually makes an investment, the customer is requested to make the investment under his or her own judgment. Each of Entrust and the information provider is not at all liable for damage incurred due to information posted on this Website.


Of the plans, strategies, judgments, etc., of Entrusted posted on this Website, those that are not historical facts were assertions related to Entrust's future outlook; were prepared based on information obtainable by managers of Entrust's at the time and assumptions and judgments; and contain various risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, in the future, it is possible that performance, etc., actually publicly announced might fluctuate due to various factors, such as those.


  • On occasion, it might be possible to move from this Website to a website other than this Website through a link or banner on this Website, but Entrust does not manage or administer those websites that have been moved to from this Website. Accordingly, customers should use websites that have been moved to from this Website at his or her own responsibility. Entrust is not at all responsible for content, etc., of websites that have been moved to from this Website.
  • Incidentally, excluding when separately clearly stated on this Website, links and banners from this Website (i) do not signify that there is a relationship of alliance or cooperation between Entrust and a corporation or individual managing or administering any website moved to from this Website and (ii) do not recommend the content of any website moved to from this Website.

Applicable Law

The court with jurisdiction over the location of the headquarters is the court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance over all legal disputes related to the above.