Investor Relations

To Shareholders and Investors

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our investors for their support.

Ever since our founding, Entrust has aimed to provide high quality products that live up to people’s expectations, based on the principle of being “a company that is chosen by customers, and places top priority on customer satisfaction, while simultaneously realizing personal fulfillment for employees based on responsibility through freedom.”
Under the current COVID-19 crisis, our future is still uncertain, but our businesses have continued increasing sales and profits every year.

Our business in medical care expense guarantees in particular has grown steadily despite the restrictions on sales activities. After the COVID-19 crisis, we are convinced that it will grow into a second main pillar for our company.

The establishment of a system in our new business in child rearing expense guarantees too, has been making steady progress, although we are still at the investment stage..

By our next medium-term management plan, we will strive to ensure even better results than last time.

We will also engage in the active development of products and services that are compatible with the SDGs that the entire world is advocating.

At the same time, we are seriously committed to realizing steady growth in our effort to win further trust from our customers.

We look forward to everyone’s continued support. Thank you.

Y. Kuwabara
Representative director