Basis for Information Disclosure

Information is disclosed at Entrust in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules stipulated by the Japan Securities Dealers Association. Further, Entrust has a policy of actively and fairly disclosing information with respect also to information that is effective in assisting investors to understand Entrust.

Means of Information Disclosure

Information to which the disclosure rules apply is made public on TDnet, which is a timely disclosure information system. In addition, Entrust aims to promptly and fairly disclose information by disclosing information and conducting other activities on this website.Incidentally, information posted on this website might take some time to post due to preparations required concerning pdf files or other such tools.

Silent Period

Entrust stipulates the period from the day following the results settlement date through the results announcement date as a silent period in order to prevent leaks of results information and to ensure fairness.In this period, Entrust declines to respond to comments and questions related to results. However, if the disparity between the performance prospect confirmed during the silent period and the performance prospect already announced is the fluctuation range applicable to the timely disclosure, then Entrust will, as appropriate, make a public announcement in accordance with timely disclosure rules.


In searching for information on this website, in addition to this disclosure policy, please also refer to the separately posted disclaimer.