Corporate Information

When was Entrust established?
March 9, 2006
For details, please refer to Company Profile.
When did Entrust become a listed company?
Entrust became listed on December 7, 2016,
on the TSE Mothers and became listed on the TSE 1st Section on December 7, 2017.
Please tell me what the origin of the company name is.
The word "entrust" has the meanings of trusting and leaving a responsibility or duty to a person, depositing money, and entrusting work or the like to a person. We chose the company name "Entrust" to inspire us, as a company providing comprehensive guarantee services, to aim to be a corporation that gains total trust from customers in all fields and provides services that customers are satisfied with.

Business Lines

Please tell me about Entrust's lines of business.
Entrust engages in the guarantee business and the solution business.
Entrust's guarantee business includes guaranteeing rent liabilities, guaranteeing medical expenses, guaranteeing nursing expenses, and Child rearing expense guarantees.
In Entrust's solution business, based on knowhow cultivated in each type of guarantee business, Entrust conducts specialist operational support to resolve issues concerning the client's corporate services.
Please tell me what kind of business segments Entrust's business is divided into.
Entrust operates in a single business segment—comprehensive guarantee services.
Please tell me about the merits of Entrust's business.
In guaranteeing rent liabilities, a uniform instrument is not used, and Entrust provides a customized instrument for each client.
With respect to developing new instruments, Entrust continues to release new ones by using, in its solution business, knowhow fostered in providing instruments that guarantee medical expenses, instruments that guarantee nursing expenses, and the guarantee business in general.
Entrust is also thorough with compliance. We handle compliance by complying with legal procedures using a linked network of attorneys covering all of Japan.
Please tell me what your growth strategy is.
Building on our rent guarantee services, Entrust provides guarantee services related to medical, nursing, and childcare.
Entrust's solution business, in which specialist operational support that uses unique knowhow related to guarantees, is also steadily growing.
In the future also, Entrust will maintain a base policy of adopting a growth strategy with a broad base and, as a company providing comprehensive guarantee services, will cultivate new markets.

Results / Performance

When is the results settlement date?
March 31
What kind of material is available on performance?
Please refer to Results Briefing Information Materials in the IR library.
Where is the outlook on performance written?
Please refer to Results Briefing Information Materials in the IR library.
What should I look at to check changes in performance?
For details, please refer to Financial Affairs / Performance Information.

Shareholders / Shares

Please tell me which exchange Entrust is listed on and Entrust's securities code.
Entrust is listed on the 1st Selection of the TSE, and its securities code is 7191.
Please tell me about the total number of issued shares and trading units.
For details, please refer to Share Information.
Please tell me about shareholder returns.
Please refer to Shareholder Returns / Dividends.
Where is the contact point for inquiries related to share procedures?
For details, please refer to Share Information.
Please tell me about share price information.
Please refer to Share Price Information (Bloomberg).
Share prices are determined by market trading, and Entrust has a policy of declining to comment on share prices, yield, and other such matters.